Monday, January 21, 2008

Why People Buy Thermomix?

1) Health Benefits – Healthy Way of Cooking
*By using Thermomix customers have control over the food they eat, as they can eliminate the majority of artificial flavours, colours and other food additives.
* Thermomix retains flavours, nutrition and enzymes, due to control of temperature during cooking and by not over processing food

* Thermomix does not oxidise food, therefore all colours are fully retained making food look more palatable. Many chefs worldwide enjoy and show off these colours in their pastries, coulis, sorbets etc
* By using Thermomix, customers achieve a superior texture of their food therefore resulting in very creamy soups and sauces without using cream
* Steaming originated in China and is the healthiest way to cook. Thermomix steaming is a gentle way of steaming, therefore retaining colours and juices within the food. Great for weight conscious customers, people with cardiovascular problems and many others.

2) Time Saving
Today we all are time poor! Thermomix is very empowering as it saves you time without compromising on nutrition. You have an extra pair of hands in the kitchen doing all that stirring.

You save time due to:
* Less preparation work
* Shorter cooking times
* “Washes itself” – no pots and pans to wash up.

3) Money Saving -There are many ways you can save money with Thermomix
* Savings on power
* Save you valuable time with easy preparation and cooking (time is money!)
* Save on your grocery bill. The average family can save a minimum of C$ 25 per week by using the Thermomix

4) Space Saving
* Replaces over 10 major appliances, complementing the stove and oven.
* Small and compact therefore portable

5) Multifunctional Use
* One set of blades does it all.
* Mixing, crushing, grinding, milling, cooking, chopping, kneading, emulsifying, steaming, pulverizing.

6) Safety
 User Friendly & Technologically Advanced Thermomix Features
* Motor shut off safety feature – switches off in case of overload.
* No possibility of opening while operating, safe for children however supervision recommended.
* No possibility to start if not closed properly
* Lid is nylon reinforced with fibreglass, fitted with silicon rubber trim for optimum adherence to the bowl.
* Surgical Stainless Steel bowl
* Gearless Motor – No cooking fan required/ zero maintenance
* Computer memory

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