Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Thermomix Story

October 4th, 2010 Author: Lily Chan

My name is Lily Chan I came from Taiwan, my husband is German, my grandma is Japanese, so I do enjoy multi culture meals since I was kid in my family. I should have retired few years ago, but after finding Thermomix I have been enjoying happy cooking every day , so exciting to share with others for easy & healthy cooking. Using Thermomix to serve my husband is really a bonus, he likes Mashed Potatoes, Rye Bread, Pumpkin Soup, Chowder & any kind of Creamy soup, then he will request Ice Cream every night after meals, he gave up to go to Metro Town to have C$ 4.5 for 2 scoops Italian ice Cream after I bought Thermomix , because I could use that making more than 1.5 liter of any favorite & low fat ice Cream in 1 minute at home. All in one pot + 23 functions in one make it so easy, clean & saving time for cooking.

My parents live down stairs, they both are over 82, so every 2nd day I make either Soya Milk, or Almond Milk, or Brown Rice Milk & Japanese Red Bean Steam Buns for them, each milk takes me total less than 15 minutes to cook & grind in same pot, that makes 2 seniors very happy & nutrition food. I even make my own Western bread, Dumpling, Noodles, Chinese Steam Bun, Cakes, Meat/shrimp & fish balls in few minutes, trust me all of this home work is half the time of traditional cooking for sure.

I will say, Thermomix really makes me happy in my retired life, all my 30 years of collecting multi culture recipes, I started to transfer it to my
Thermomix cooking, I am also writing my own Thermomix recipes over 120 recipes already, hope finish the pictures shooting then I will publish to share with my friends &
Thermomix customers.

For your information, I have 2 grandsons, Thermomix was the best gift to my Daughter in-law, before she did not have much time to cook, but now she uses
Thermomix to make meals for kids & whole family, she even asked me to share with her more of my new recipes.

If this machine could have been imported to Canada earlier, It will have benefited more people to cook easier. I am very proud of Thermomix that is like a Mercedes for a woman in the kitchen, I will give my daughter one for a wedding gift sooner or later too, because she loves cooking also.

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