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It's like having a little chef all of your own

Kelowna Capital News – Entertainment
By Jennifer Schell – Kelowna Capital News
Published: October 28, 2010 6:00 PM

I have just been seduced by the World’s Littlest Chef.

Ever fantasized about having your own personal sous chef in your home kitchen? The Thermomix, known as “the most advanced kitchen appliance on the market today” as well as “the World’s Littlest Chef,” is just the thing for you.

Kalayra Angelyys beside her Thermomix and some of its creations.
I recently attended a demonstration at local sales consultant Kalayra Angelyys’ home and was absolutely stunned and amazed at all this appliance can do.

Although some may see it as a tad pricey ($1,600), the Thermomix combines over 10 appliances, is incredibly engineered and is a major space saver. Functions include: chopping, beating, mixing, whipping, grinding, kneading, mincing, grating, juicing, blending, heating, stirring, steaming and weighing food.

Basically you can forget buying a food processer, steamer, rice cooker, juicer, blender, scale, crock-pot, mixer—this ‘little chef’ can cook, sauté and stir.

So, for example, it can make risotto all by itself. It also makes ice cream, churns butter, grinds spices, makes dough and can make flour out of dried chickpeas in no time.

I also love the fact that you don’t need measuring cups and spoons—the built-in scale weighs as you add ingredients. As the website will tell you: “Thermomix began when a mother in Germany wanted to make her own baby food for her new child, but current appliances were not able to achieve this. She dreamed of a machine that could grind food into small enough pieces for her child to eat and cook at the same time, and so was born the idea of the Thermomix.”

It is so easy to use making it a Godsend for busy people who are “kitchen challenged.”

I watched Kalayra make a pumpkin soup. The Thermomix first chopped the onion, then with the addition of butter, it sautéed it. She then added the pumpkin, set the timer and it first cooked it and then with the push of a button pureed it—voila soup.

After serving, she added soap and water—and yes folks, this helpful appliance also cleans itself.

Kalayra says that celebrated chef Rod Butters at Raudz loves his Thermomix and finds it an extra pair of hands in his bustling kitchen.

It’s not hard to believe how popular this machine is in Europe. It is actually known as one of the top choices for a wedding gift.

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